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Research & Development
The treatment market is changing with a growing number of disease subtypes and therefore newer.
Pre Clinical Research
iBRAIN Life sciences provides Preclinical Toxicology & Pharmacology Services as per GLP.
Clinical Research
iBRAIN has expertise in all aspects of phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials, ranging from initial feasibility.
R & D Programmes
The treatment market is changing with a growing number of disease subtypes and therefore newer targeted therapies and more complex clinical trials. This involves challenges in recruiting patients, operational and design issues with global studies, new pharmacogenomics approaches and questions surrounding biomarkers. The search for novel treatments encompasses a range of design and implementation challenges. To meet these challenges iBrain offer service that allows you to obtain advice, Assistance in the formulation, Testing and scientific interpretation of the data related to novel therapy.

Collaboration and communication are key to a successful research and development programme and are fundamental principles within iBrain. Expert scientists will work in partnership with you on the design of individual protocols or entire research programmes to facilitate the development of your therapy. Ongoing data feedback maximizes the flow of information, allowing efficient progression through the research programme. The flexibility of the preclinical services provided by iBrain allows the research programme to be updated as necessary ensuring the development process is not hindered. The overall process will be managed by a dedicated Project coordinator.

Research projects ready to roll:
  • RNAi technology for SC reprogramming and lineage manipulation
  • Characterization of adult SC for mice and men
  • Characterization of miRNA expression patterns by SC
  • Characterization of Retrotransposon activity by SC
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