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Research & Development
The treatment market is changing with a growing number of disease subtypes and therefore newer.
Pre Clinical Research
iBRAIN Life sciences provides Preclinical Toxicology & Pharmacology Services as per GLP.
Clinical Research
iBRAIN has expertise in all aspects of phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials, ranging from initial feasibility.
About iBRAIN LifeSciences
iBRAIN clinical research organization (CRO) is an integrated Center formed by combining managerial and IT expertise of East & West with significant cost/logistics efficiencies. Privately owned and operated iBRAIN provides a full range of highest quality management of R&D, pre clinical and clinical trials (Phase I to IV) related to oncology and oncology related study in one of the highest efficient, cost effective environments. We provide our clients with world class experience in performing oncology clinical trails. Highly competent and qualified man power, a very good access to an extensive network of investigators, state of the art computerized specially designed lab for complicated oncology trials. The directorial board is determined to make iBRAIN as most recognized center for World class R&D, Pre clinical and Clinical Research ...
Company Name
We will harness the expertise from the U.K, Canada, India, and later from elsewhere in the world, to achieve our mission of providing quality healthcare to the world. With all the three divisions fully functional, iBRAIN LifeScienceS will be a company developing treatments ...