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Research & Development
The treatment market is changing with a growing number of disease subtypes and therefore newer.
Pre Clinical Research
iBRAIN Life sciences provides Preclinical Toxicology & Pharmacology Services as per GLP.
Clinical Research
iBRAIN has expertise in all aspects of phase 1, 2, and 3 clinical trials, ranging from initial feasibility.

iBRAIN Life Sciences is architected to become a global integrated Life Sciences company. The Company has been established in the British Commonwealth and has its offices in the U.K, India and Canada. With a vision to Build a healthier & happier world by providing Innovative & Reliable Healthcare Solutions for a better tomorrow.

We are looking for the Experienced Candidates in the following Areas:

1.   President (Life Sciences Project)
2.   Vice-President Marketing

Mail your profiles to careers@i-brain.co.uk

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